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Internet Operation Services

Providing Internet to
Companies & Commercial Services

We operates the Global network connection for Webbfabriken services and datacenters which provides a secure networking solutions for our vital IT systems.

With the help of our NOC service our customers can rely on us to make sure all services are available and optimized.



Security & knowledge

We have the top of the art security and knowledge of advanced IT environment Webbfabriken that will help you with the IT design and supporting IT


Network Operations

We administer and operate our own IP network as a LIR and deliver the IP traffic through fiber connections. This means we can provide our fiber connections via our partners directly to our datacenters.


Security Alert

We monitoring our networks, , firewalls and routers and servers by 24×7. This means we quickly respond to any threats or problems that might occur.


Energy efficient

All our networks and equipment are selected from security and technical standpoint and energy efficiency. This means we always do our best to make a small climate impact.

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About Us & Why We are
The Best For the Job

Your IT is your most valuable investment and we are there to provide your company’s “be or not to be”. Without secure and reliable IT your company may be in trouble.
Our knowledge in advanced, secure and reliable IT infrastructure will give your company a boost in front of your competetives. What do you need for a successful IT?

Our Work



Webbfabriken Hosted Firewall Services

Hosted Firewall Services

  • Security hardware
  • Setup configuration 
  • Monitor
  • Administration
  • Fiber internet connecion 1-10Gbit
  • Central logging services
  • Central monitor and alerts services
Webbfabriken Hosted Firewall Services



We just changed to Webbfabriken after we heard a lot of good about them. And what we have experienced so far is very good. They are extremly qualified and they really have control of what they’re doing! Strongly recommended if security and advanced expertise is important for you!

Richard Liljeström, Eventation AB

When we were going to get a server and network, we were recommended Webbfabriken and we were very satisfied. Now we have moved all over our IT to Webbfabriken, everything from domain management and web hotel hosting to the construction of our new web shop. Good contact with fast and efficient assistance if problems arise, it makes us feel very safe at Webbfabriken.

Pålle, Bok-Makaren AB


Tryffelslingan 12
SE 18157 Lidingö, SWEDEN


+46 8 446 00 88