Webbfabriken Internet Operations Center

Webbfabriken Internet Operations Center

We are supporting and administer the Internet Operations Center at Webbfabriken.com

The Network Operation Center is Located in Sweden and has several thousand public IP addresses which is in use by hundreds of services. Due to the lack of new IPv4 addresses we have for some years working hard to implement IPv6 solutions in our networks. But since the implementation worldwide is slow we have taken some extra safety measurements to buy a large scope of IPv4 addresses that will keep us running for about 5 more years.

Are you interested in more knowledge of IPv6 you can read more at: https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPv6

Are your company ready for IPv6? If not we can help you design and plan for it.

We are using secure and very powerful tools and solutions to feel and touch all our IT and servers.