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Here you can contact us if you want to know more about our network operations center (NOC).
You can also contact us if you have an active support agreement and have any internet problems and using our equipment.

Frequent Questions

I have no internet connection?

First of all check all your equipment and if there are any lights visible, like power and link. Disconnect power cables and reconnect and look at the lights on the equipment. The equipment should start showing some lights and start blinking. If not there is something wrong on that device with no lights. 

My WiFi is bad

It can be many causes for bad WiFi performance and reach. The WiFi accesspoints need a clear sight to the devices on WiFi and can be jammed due to other signals or distortions like microwave owens or lights.

Slow network performance?

Please disconnect all your computers and WIFI equipment and then connect one computer to the network and test using

My computer does not get a IP address?

This is probable due to your (or the internet provider) DHCP server service is down or unreachable. If you know your network subnet you can enter a fixed IP address on your network card and solve it temporarily. Normal subnets are or